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Doconomy and Viseca initiate collaboration on carbon footprint measurements using Åland Index

Doconomy and Viseca have entered a collaboration on the Åland Index CO2e Tracker within Viseca’s innovation app “Walter Finance”. The objective is to measure, educate and engage Swiss consumers within climate action and to support the user in making more conscious lifestyle choices. Viseca is the first payment services company in Switzerland to offer carbon footprint measurements using Åland Index.

The “Walter Finance” app was developed to pilot and test new services in cooperation with select customers from Viseca and partner banks. The app displays weekly spending and helps define spending targets, allowing users to make more sustainable purchasing decisions thus having an even better overview of their spending. Åland index will be integrated within the app to automatically provide CO₂e calculations to drive positive change.

“We all have to do our part to use our natural resources responsibly, mindful of the very small part a card transaction can do in the big picture of climate action and that shopping uses resources. By integrating Åland Index in our app, we want to give Swiss consumers a tool, so they can make informed decisions about their spending behavior”, says Bedrija Hamza, Senior InnoTech Lead at Viseca Payment Services SA.

Innovation is a key differentiator for Viseca. Therefore, we invest in partnerships with leading companies in various innovation fields. Together we then test and improve the services directly with our customers through our own innovation App Walter Finance. We are proud to welcome Doconomy to our partner ecosystem, says Tobias Wirth, Head Digital Business & Innovation at Viseca Payment Services

“We are very excited to see this development as a first to market in Switzerland. As the movement of conscious consumers rapidly grow I’m proud to see Doconomy support Viseca in the ambition to enable greater transparency and actionable insights.” Says Mathias Wikström, CEO Doconomy

Viseca in Switzerland adds to the list of front runners in banking, making carbon footprint measurements using Åland Index available in 25 countries.

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