Transaction Impact Calculator is based on the world-leading Åland Index methodology.

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Transaction Impact Calculator

With our transaction impact calculator, Åland Index, financial service providers can deliver personalised, impact data-driven services to their customers, responding to a new era of shared responsibility between the user and the provider.
Åland Index is the most advanced transaction-based impact calculation tool on the market. Banks, payment companies and fintechs worldwide use the Index to develop disruptive new services that help grow their businesses while reducing their customers’ environmental impact and achieving their ESG goals.

Why leading institutions choose the Åland Index:

– The most reliable emissions data in the world
– The widest range of product categories for comprehensive coverage
– Rigorous analysis of both freshwater and carbon footprint
– Assurance from EY

Translate financial transactions into footprints with the Åland Index 

Åland index enables financial institutions to help their customers link transactions to the environmental impact of their consumption, promoting more sustainable choices.

The index calculates the effects for two key global environmental challenges: climate change in terms of carbon dioxide equivalents, CO₂e, and water scarcity in terms of freshwater consumption, H₂O.

The calculations are based on the latest reported company data and modelling techniques provided by S&P Global Trucost. The Index covers more than 50 unique intensity factors, which enables automated calculations that reflect personal choices. Our system allows us to identify how refilling a car at a petrol station results in a different emissions profile to a purchase at a café.

We provide global coverage for digital banking experiences, leveraging a consistent methodology. Åland Index is the first ever Independently Assured CO₂e and H₂O Impact Index by EY. Read the report here.


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