Transaction Impact API is based on the world-leading Åland Index methodology.

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Transaction Impact API

Åland Index is the world’s leading climate impact index live in 20 countries. It is a cloud-based impact as a service for CO₂e and H₂O calculations for all digital financial transactions. Since 2018, Doconomy has been developing applied impact solutions that help engage and educate consumers about their impact on the planet.

With Åland Index, financial service providers can deliver personalized, impact data-driven services to their customers, responding to a new era of shared responsibility between the user and the provider.

Åland Index is robust, up to date and continuously expanded with additional impact sources and financial data sets.

Åland Index is the first ever Independently Assured CO₂e and H₂O Impact Index by EY. Read the report here.




Doconomy offers modular SDK solutions enabling our clients to launch individual app features that can be integrated into existing services or work as stand-alone applications. Discover how you can efficiently design your engaging climate impact applications using our SDKs.


At the core of Doconomy’s Transactional Impact solution is the Åland Index API. The API calculates impact based on the sector using merchant category codes (MCCs), invoice, or similar – enabling all customers to understand the environmental impact generated from any digital transaction.

White Label App

Doconomy offers a unique and well-proven white-label solution, running seamlessly on both iOS and Android. This off-the-shelf application is customized to fit any brand, either as a full-stack solution or any combination of individual app features. The solution is especially useful for companies looking to radicaly shorten time-to-market.


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