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Norwegian Sonya partners with Doconomy to accelerate client’s climate impact insights from their transactions

Stockholm-Oslo, December 10th, 2021:

Norwegian climate and expense management developer Sonya has signed a partnership agreement with Swedish impact tech provider Doconomy. With the partnership Sonya will provide their clients with the possibility to measure the carbon footprint from card transactions and additional, future, bank account transactions. The partnership will substantially accelerate Sonya’s bold and ambitious commitment in assisting clients in the transition to a more sustainable way of working and living.

“The fast-growing network of committed companies, institutions and organizations teaming up for a greater good not only fill the Doconomy team with pride and hope, it fuels our ambition to work even harder and reach even more. Sonya, with their impressive customer focus and climate action willingness is a great example of how creative minds, companies and individuals together forms movements for a better tomorrow”, said Doconomy founder and CEO Mathias Wikström.

The Sonya app and web combined service facilitates smooth and easy-to-use handling of expense management for employees, management and accounting and gives a complete overview of the environmental impact. A service integrable with all major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)-systems. By implementing the Åland Index impact calculations methodology into the Sonya services the clients will have an even more accurate summary of the environmental impact from their activities.

“To present the Doconomy partnership is like delivering a somewhat early Christmas gift to our customers and to the rest of the world. We are eager to do everything we possibly can to assist our clients in reaching their climate goals. We are convinced that a collaboration with Doconomy will help us gain momentum in our eagerness”, said Sonya’s chairman Sveinung Totland.

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