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Doconomy partners with Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) to further deepen the common knowledge on how consumption affects water use.

In order to form a strategic partnership, Doconomy and SIWIhas agreed to identify key areas of collaboration with the shared objective of nudging consumers, businesses, and governments to reduce their water footprint.

“To join the SIWI network of committed partners is truly great. The networks vast knowledge and experience together with the innovative and global reach of Doconomy, feels like a perfect match. Together we will investigate, develop, and present important data on how our everyday spending affects freshwater use, says Mathias Wikström, CEO, Doconomy.

Focus areas to be further elaborated in the Doconomy/SIWI collaboration:

  • Doconomy will provide the SIWI knowledge to all clients connected to the water calculation component.
  • The importance of communicating water and to engage in behavioral change: the need for water education and how measuring freshwater consumption in relation to your everyday spending
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement and capacity building: water/carbon through Doconomy’s digital solutions and through SIWI ́s strong knowledge in water-related issues.
  • Relevant water knowledge for individuals

Since its founding in 1991 SIWI has been highlighting the global importance of water governance. Science, policies, and practice have been the tools for informing the world on the fundamental values of freshwater in terms of sustainability as well as in equity. As the climate crisis deepens the need for a deeper common knowledge regarding water is growing to have greater insights enabling action.

“Water is the outmost important substance for life on planet Earth. In history, today and in the future. Still the challenges and difficulties are many and the world, as in governments, corporations, and individuals, need to realize this and to act upon the challenges. To have the opportunity to co-work with Doconomy in these matters feels assuring in the ambition to inform and educate the world and address additional reasons for action”, says Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director, SIWI

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