DO. Everyday Climate Action

DO is a new kind of card that offers a breakdown of our CO2 emissions.

Each transaction on a DO card enables us to offset for those associated emissions or invest for positive impact. This is a card that helps us understand the long-term consequences of our present behaviour, in turn enabling us to take the actions necessary to make a difference. We thought: let’s not ruin things by making it out of plastic. Doconomy’s biodegradable Poly Lactic Acid credit card printed with recycled pollution ink is the tip of the not-yet-fully-melted iceberg.

Self-quantification is something we all do today through our smartphones and other digital services – it’s as easy as tracking our steps.

By introducing the same intuitive tool in banking, we can track our consumption, challenge our personal status quo, and make informed choices. The DO card gives us new clarity, providing an automated breakdown of our spending by carbon footprint in fifty categories, from restaurants to health care to entertainment and transportation. The card shows us the average carbon emissions for each industry and divides it by the money spent.

• A transparent credit card enabling climate action
• A climate-responsible savings account
• UNFCCC certified projects for climate compensation
• Nudging for further reduction of CO2 emissions

DO is currently only available in Sweden.

Åland Index Solutions

Together we are building an ecosystem for bigger and more tangible impact. 

That’s why we teamed up with Ålandsbanken to create a world leading index for transaction-level climate data that we could easily share. Since 2015, we have built impact calculations using the Åland Index API, provided as a cloud-based service, and available to all banks and payment providers. In an age of unprecedented collaboration, millions of customers have access to the index data in their day-to-day lives, fostering a deeper understanding, from big business to big-hearted individuals. 

Our philosophy is pluralistic, meaning that Åland index is an open invitation to everyone willing to fight the good fight. 

By simply allowing banks and institutions to take responsibility through our operating system, we can fundamentally change the financial system and the world together. A network of companies such as Trucost, enhancing the Index with data, or Mastercard making an equity investment, both becoming a part of a total solution. 

Planet Loyalty

Planet Loyalty by Doconomy is a new type of loyalty program based on brands willingness to share the carbon footprint of their products to gain a more transparent relationship with their customers. With Planet Loyalty brands are required to make a carbon footprint calculation for all products and to include a recommended offsetting value.

It ensures that consumers make informed purchase decisions where both price and impact are of equal importance as well as allowing brands to generate loyalty by promoting conscious and sustainable consumption.

With Planet Loyalty brands can help accelerate an era of transparency and responsibility making sure consumers are able to make informed purchase decision. When consumers understand a product’s specific carbon footprint it will help them understand how their consumption affects the planet. Using Planet Loyalty also helps brands establish low impact sustainable production as a competitive edge.

DO Black

In the spirit of empowering a forward-thinking new generation to become the responsible consumers of tomorrow, we are offering a premium card. 

The key to this card is a built-in monthly tCO2e limit, based on country per capita. In place of the magnetic strip or traditional signature panel, with the DO Black card we have a pledge signature. This means that the card can be recycled, but it also signals the holder’s commitment to tackle the climate crisis using real numbers and actual measures and puts a direct limit on our climate impact.

Thankfully, we are living in a conscious age, with a new generation of people fully aware of their role in society and prepared to make a real difference. 

As a society we have realised that to care for nature is to care for ourselves. Do Black gives us a carbon emissions limit, which freezes spending when a per capita cap on emissions is reached, much like how a standard credit limit works. By using systems that are already in place, that are basic to our everyday lives, we have a better chance of permanently rewiring the way we think of ourselves. We can and must become part of a greater whole, acting for a greater good

DO Black is a radical credit card with a CO2-emission limit stopping you from overspending, based on the impact of your consumption.