Doconomy offers modular SDK solutions enabling our clients to launch individual app features that can be integrated into existing services or work as stand-alone applications.

What makes our solution unique?

When it comes to mitigating climate impact, we believe that there’s no time to waste. Our SDKs allow Individual app features to be smoothly integrated into to your own existing application as suits your needs. Pick and choose from our unique Personal Impact Management toolbox.

Something for everyone

A holistic approach to climate change requires some joined-up thinking – our modular SDKs allow customers to pick and mix the features that they require, allowing for granular solutions that add real value to your customer offerings.


Automated visualizer

By connecting the dots between our everyday purchases and their environmental impact, the Visualizer makes it easy to see the big picture and learn which lifestyle choices has the largest (and smallest) impact. It’s a great tool to help users realize the true cost of consumption.

Individual carbon calculator

Developed in partnership with the UNFCCC, the Lifestyle Calculator allows users to input data on their lifestyle and purchases, thereby building a better understanding of their carbon footprint. This functionality can be used without underlying financial transactions.

Climate profiles (Coming soon)

Climate profiles will give users the option to refine their transaction-based calculations based on more granular, personal data. By monitoring behaviors combined with more accurate contextual information, users can be nudged to make smart choices like flying less or eating less meat.

Carbon coach (Coming soon)

The Carbon Coach gamifies understanding one’s carbon emissions on a local and global scale. Users can set their own personal carbon budgets, receive behavioral nudges, and follow the impact of their spending. Whether users benchmark their individual targets against the Paris Agreement or their friends, the Coach help them unite behind the shared mission of solving the Climate Crisis.

Contribution platform (Coming soon)

Contribution provides multiple ways to allocate funds towards carbon credits and monitor the funds’ impact across technologies, geographies, and sectors. Empowered with the true cost of consumption captured in the Visualizer, users can help reverse the current climate trajectory – we all just need the technology to power our agency.


Jessica Andreasson

Head of Customer Success
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