Product Impact Calculator introduces the ability for brands to calculate their product’s environmental footprint with ease.

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Product Impact Calculator

Today, both brands and consumers realize the importance of joining the dots between consumption and its impact on the planet. Labels that openly disclose the individual carbon footprint of a product have the potential to change the way we consume forever – much like food labeling did for the food industry.

Consumers currently have little data on how their consumption affects the planet. With carbon labeling, anyone would be able to choose between low and high impact products and understand how price and quality relates to production and transportation methods.


2030 Calculator

The 2030 Calculator can be used by any product brand or manufacturer to quickly calculate the carbon footprint of their products, based on the emissions created from manufacturing and transport up until the point of sale. The Calculator uses unique emissions factors for each of the product parts, material, packaging, and transportation, as well as the energy consumed in the manufacturing process. All calculations are cradle-to-gate and self-declared.

It is a tool that helps all responsible brands do their part in creating better educated users, for a sustainable future and a thriving business.


Sara Albihn

Sales & Business Developer
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