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Latest news from Q1 Doconomy's 2022 kick-off

Citi Ventures and Ingka Investments back Doconomy's latest funding round to accelerate climate action
We are happy to have Ingka Investments and Citi Ventures join as Investors to help us accelerate our efforts in Every Day Climate Action. The funding will accelerate our continued expansion, recruit new talent to join our rapidly growing team and support further development of our Impact Applied portfolio; enabling environmental impact calculations on products, financial transactions, lifestyle and corporations to inspire further climate action worldwide.
Credit Saison partners with Datafluct and Doconomy in Japan

Together with Credit Saison, a leading Japanese credit card issuer, we have concluded a basic business agreement through our partner in Japan, DATAFLUCT. As part of the agreement, Credit Saison will launch our carbon tracking offering Åland Index, the world’s leading impact calculation based on financial data. Through this partnership, Credit Saison will be the first financial services provider in Japan to launch CO2 tracking services using the Åland Index. Together with DATAFLUCT, Saison plans to develop a set of products and services to help clients mitigate the climate crisis through carbon reduction in Japan.

Crédit Agricole Payment Services tests carbon footprint measurements of credit card purchases

Together with Crédit Agricole Payment Services (CAPS) we have entered into a collaboration which aims to enable climate action at every payment. With a strong commitment to the Crédit Agricole Group’s CSR approach, CAPS reached out to work on a solution to provide customers, via a dedicated application, with an estimate of the carbon footprint of every purchase made. The functionality connects to the customers’ bank card, thanks to the Åland Index impact calculation methodology.

Together with CAPS we have developed a first service which will be tested by a panel of customers. The objective of this exploration is to verify the appetite of French customers for this service and to assess its potential for use in France.

Ascent Partners debuts Åland Index in Hong Kong & Mainland China

Ascent Partners Group Limited is the first sustainability advisory firm to roll out the impact calculations methodology Åland Index. The index calculates carbon footprint and will be launched in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Educating clients to discover how every single one of their purchasing decisions can make a positive impact on the climate, help to change the world, and save the planet.

Ascent Partners is a trusted corporate valuation and advisory firm with offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore and serves more than 400 leading corporate clients (such as AIA and BOC) including more than 50 listed companies on ESG reporting.

Lifestyle Calculator reaches over 100 countries

We are seeing exceptional traction for the Lifestyle Calculator. The platform was launched at United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November together with UNFCCC. It has already helped people understand their carbon footprint on a global scale, as it is being used in 117 countries. The platform will continue its expansion during this year.

We are looking forward to continuing to help individuals to gain insights on their lifestyle choices from an impact perspective. More is to come during the year.

Carl-Johan von Uexkull joins as Chief Commercial Officer

Carl Johan will lead our commercial team in developing new strong relationships with Banks and Financial Service companies to further amplify Every Day Climate Action globally.

Carl-Johan has vast international experience from the financial information industry, providing information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global markets. He has been leading teams across Europe for LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), Refinitiv and Thomson Reuters. Most recently he was Managing Director of LSEG in Germany and Switzerland and before this Managing Director for Thomson Reuters Nordics and Netherlands. He also holds a Master of Business Administration with a Major in Finance from Uppsala University.

We are delighted to have Carl-Johan onboard!

Engaging climate action tools for users through Applied Behavioral Science

At Doconomy we want to go beyond engagement. Our ambition is to drive behavioral change and incentivize a sustainable lifestyle for all. We believe features alone don’t change behavior. What does, is a framework underpinned by human-centered design, behavioral insights followed by the craft of intentional interventions, and the ability to learn and iterate.

That is why we are happy to have Samuel Salzer joining Doconomy as a Behavioral Designer. His expertise will further accelerate Doconomy’s capabilities going forward. Samuel has worked with numerous organizations, applying behavioral insights to fuel habit formation and digital behavior change. He’s here to help all users by making our products and services even better using the leading tools and latest insights from Applied Behavioral Science.

Welcome Samuel!

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