Lifestyle Impact Calculator helps individuals assess their carbon footprint based on lifestyle choices.

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Lifestyle Impact Calculator

The Lifestyle Calculator 2.0 is an easy to use tool to discover your climate footprint — an assessment of your activities that provides you with an impact profile. When we understand the impact of our decisions, it becomes so much easier to change behavior and make positive changes.

It is an integral part of the Doconomy offering and made available to any partner with an ambition to engage the many in a more sustainable lifestyle.



Lifestyle Calculator

Working in partnership with the UNFCCC, Doconomy developed the Lifestyle Calculator to fill a gap. While there’s plenty of data to measure the impact of different activities, until now it’s been hard for everyday users to access that data in one place.

With the Lifestyle Calculator 2.0, we’ve taken everything that was great about the original version and improved it. With a refined methodology, a dynamic range of questions for both quick and granular exploration, double the number of tips and tricks, and a 1.5 degree benchmark, users can now get even greater insight into how to mitigate their impact.


Jessica Andreasson

Head of Customer Success
5.35 tonnes CO₂e ↓31%(2022)

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