Lifestyle Calculator

Doconomy developed the Lifestyle Calculator to fill a gap. While there’s plenty of data to measure the impact of different activities, until now it’s been hard for consumers to access that data in one place.

Designed for life

The Lifestyle Calculator was designed to offer consumers an intuitive, fast way to measure their impact — and hopefully make lifestyle changes based upon their findings. These changes may seem small, but they all add up to make a big difference.

How does it work?

With the Lifestyle Calculator 2.0, we’ve made improvements across the board, offering a more engaging and insightful user experience. The whole process has been given a facelift, with a more engaging results view that provides a more nuanced breakdown of the footprint.

But it’s not just pretty. We’ve refined the whole calculation methodology, adding in two different user paths (short and quick or long and detailed), 50 new tips and tricks to mitigate impact, and a new 1.5 degree benchmark — helping users to make even better choices.


Jessica Andreasson

Head of Customer Success
5.35 tonnes CO₂e ↓31%(2022)

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