Want to invest in the future? Here you will find information about what drives us, why partnering with us is win-win for business and the planet – and who to get in touch with when you’re ready to take the next step.

Success is relative - not absolute

It all starts with awareness. When we know where we are we can figure out how to make improvements – incrementally, step by step, but all adding up to a big effect.

We enable the enablers, putting tools in the hands of companies and individuals that give them the information they need to make a real change. Think of it as crowdsourcing for the planet – the more data we have, the more profound our insights.

It’s a win/win

We’ve reached a tipping point not just environmentally but commercially. Customers now demand ethical behaviour from companies, which means that environmental responsibility is now a commercial imperative.

With 85% of global consumers willing to take personal action to combat environmental challenges, now is the time to build critical momentum in addressing climate change By partnering with SMEs and Enterprise level companies, we can work together for the greater good.

We're just getting started

While our solutions already offer great functionality and customer value, the really exciting part is still yet to come.

When we combine datasets together we can evolve the way we look at impact. For example, Åland’s Index provides great insights into the purchases that we’ve already made, raising awareness of our choices month to month. And the Lifestyle Calculator gives us a more granular view of the impact of our behavioural choices and where we might make changes.

But it’s when we start to combine these insights that the change moves from evolutionary to revolutionary. What if your credit card statement didn’t just run through your historic choices, but incorporated behavioural insights to give more personalised insights – and future recommendations?


Mathias Wikström

CEO & Founder
22.52 tonnes CO₂e ↓14%(2022)

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