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Lifestyle Impact

The Lifestyle Calculator 2.0 is an easy to use tool to discover your climate footprint — an assessment of your activities that provides you with an impact profile. When we understand the impact of our decisions, it becomes so much easier to change behavior and make positive changes.

It is an integral part of the Doconomy offering and made available to any partner with an ambition to engage the many in a more sustainable lifestyle.

Transaction Impact

Åland Index is the world’s leading climate impact index live in 20 countries. It is a cloud-based impact as a service for CO₂e and H₂O calculations for all digital financial transactions. Since 2015, Doconomy has been developing applied impact solutions that help engage and educate consumers about their impact on the planet.

With Åland Index, financial service providers can deliver personalized, impact data-driven services to their customers, responding to a new era of shared responsibility between the user and the provider.

Åland Index is robust, up to date and continuously expanded with additional impact sources and financial data sets.

Product Impact

Today, both brands and consumers realize the importance of joining the dots between consumption and its impact on the planet. Labels that openly disclose the individual carbon footprint of a product have the potential to change the way we consume forever – much like food labeling did for the food industry.

Consumers currently have little data on how their consumption affects the planet. With carbon labeling, anyone would be able to choose between low and high impact products and understand how price and quality relates to production and transportation methods.

Corporate Impact

Doconomy has innovation at its core and is determined to develop the necessary tools to help individuals and corporations support the effort to futureproof life on planet earth.

Currently under development is the Impact Dashboard, a management/reporting tool for the consumer credit portfolio that enables banks to aggregate the information provided to their consumers. By incorporating data from the Åland Index, the Impact Dashboard is a tool that allows banks and financial institutions to showcase meaningful environmental, social, and governance benefits.

The Impact Dashboard is currently under development – please contact us for early access.


Emma Vandenbroeck

Business Development Representative
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