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TheGreenShot teams up with Doconomy to enable more sustainable film productions

Brussels based software developer TheGreenShotjoins the Doconomy network of companies ready and willing to take climate action. The partnership brings the Doconomy solutions into a new segment of the market – film production.

Invented by Max Hermans from his years as location manager on large co-productions, TheGreenShot app is the first solution for production companies to monitor costs and carbon footprints in real-time thanks to the Åland Index impact calculations methodology. TheGreenShot empowers people to change behavior and to see immediately what their individual impact really is.

“Banks, card issuers, energy suppliers, telecom and now, film production – having the Åland Index implemented in yet another new segment is truly rewarding. As the awareness of the need of action grows, more and more companies and organizations join in to make change come true. Industry knowledge, innovative creativity, ambition and willingness to offer means for greater responsibility makes TheGreenShot a great partner to Doconomy”, Doconomy CEO Mathias Wikström said.

TheGreenShot app is created and designed for crew members, heads of department, production members and sustainability advisors. The app also provides a wide range list of green suppliers offering sustainable services. With TheGreenShot inside, productions benefit from uniquely efficient workflows to automate certification, control budgets, connect to accounting softwares and certify their productions at a fraction of the cost.

“Solving the climate crisis builds on reducing carbon emissions. We need to overcome two barriers – make people feel what a ton of carbon really represents, make companies understand that sustainability can decrease costs. In a world where the focus is on discussing the problem of climate crisis, TheGreenShot brings a solution. Teaming up with Doconomy is a unique opportunity. It gives us the ability to deliver accurate footprints so that every single crew member can directly measure the footprint of their work and see the impact of changes they make. We make climate change work for productions, rather than having productions work against climate change“, TheGreenShot CEO Véronique Pevtschin said.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership, which takes Kayrros’s mission from the corporate terrain into the sphere of consumers and the general public.” said Antoine Rostand, CEO of Kayrros. “Combatting climate change is an issue for every individual, and yet there are few tools that quantify and communicate GHG emissions to consumers in a factual and accessible way. Our partnership with Doconomy will be a standard bearer for informing citizens globally of the challenge of climate change wherever they are situated and encouraging them to have a say on climate change.”

Looking at the data Kayrros can provide on global emissions, one is quite overwhelmed,” said Doconomy CEO Mathias Wikström. “We see great potential in this innovative partnership, which will enable us to communicate broadly about something that remains complex and at times unapproachable for the general public. We truly believe that this partnership has the potential to substantially contribute to further educating about the global effects of climate change.”

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