Freddie Meadows,
 Pro Surfer & DO ambassador


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Freddie Meadows is a DO ambassador and Sweden's only full time pro surfer.

Freddie Meadows has been surfing since he was a kid and is Sweden’s only fulltime professional surfer. The sea is his home and every wave an opportunity, but with opportunities follows responsibility.

How does the climate crisis affect you?
It is an environmental crisis from various perspectives. What affects me as a Nordic surfer, is off course, the amount of plastics in the ocean, increasing algal blooming every year, recommendations no to enter the sea due to pollutions, etc, etc. But I am extremely privileged to live up here, in the Nordics. I think a lot about people living on warmer latitudes with harder conditions.

How can we be more responsible regarding our climate impact?
There are several aspects. To me the most important thing is that world leaders make the right decisions and immediately implements rules to prioritize the wellbeing of nature and reduce our environmental impact.

As individuals we have different voices and different pre-conditions – Focus and explore how You can make the best out of it. Maybe offset your carbon footprint, support different environmental organizations or maybe start skipping meat. I know one thing – the things we do together makes a difference. If we put proper pressure on our governments the changes will come more rapidly.

Do you reflect on how your choices affect the planet?
Of course!

What are conscious decisions to you?
If we stop unconscious consuming and start to make conscious decisions we will reach far. This might be the difference between succeeding or failing to reduce our impact.

If we stop unconscious consuming and start to make conscious decisions we will reach far.

Why is it important to measure, understand and reduce consumption?
Our conscience is powerful tool. Most people don’t want to harm the environment, but it is easy to look the other way if we don’t exactly know how the environment is affected by our decisions. If we know, we know – then it’s impossible to look the other way.

Why is a climate-smart credit card a good start?
It can be the key to the transition from unconscious to conscious consumption.

How can we together reach the climate goals?
I all of us thinks carefully and put pressure on the government and the big companies only focusing on sales, I think we can succeed faster than expected. The nature is stronger than anything else and has the ability to recover remarkably fast. I have faith in us!

Freddie is one of our ambassadors using DO every day to understand and reduce their climate impact. DO is currently only available in Sweden but make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date!

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