Doconomy is a fintech company founded in Sweden in 2018 by Johan Pihl, Mathias Wikström and a team of dedicated people from the finance, tech and communications industry. The philosophy is based on the fact that we all need to tackle climate change in our daily actions and that we can use the most powerful tool to do so: Our money. We need to go from Economy to Doconomy. We steadfastly believe that we all need to contribute in making the efficient economic system of humans work to protect the fragile ecosystem of nature.

Doconomy wants to inspire change in behavior and reduce unsustainable consumption and carbon emissions. The emissions we cannot avoid, can be compensated for. Our first solution is the digital banking service DO. DO makes it easier to do the right thing for the planet by people, brands and producers. Doconomy brings it all together.

Please join our efforts.

Innovation at the intersection of technology, finance and sustainability

Doconomy is more than banking. It’s banking with a conscience.

Doconomy activates a circular ecosystem, connecting the consumer, the producer, the retailer and influencer to futureproof planet earth, and achieve a sustainable lifestyle for all.

Doconomy's mission is to offer tools to finance solutions to solve the climate crisis and drive behavioral change. Also allowing for climate savings, climate compensation, sustainable investments and climate refunds from partner brands. With the power of many, we redirect capital to create real and lasting change.

DO retail partners; brands that share our vision

Doconomy collaborates with brands and retail partners that have an ambition to be part of the solution.

Our partners share the idea that our planet’s challenges only can be met through working together and by accepting a broader responsibility. Through our partnerships, we inspire real action to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on equality, sustainable consumption and production, as well as climate action.

Meet the Doconomy team

We are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and expertise – finance, technology, innovation, design, communication, sustainable business – who came together to develop a solution to the climate crisis. Turning our own, and other people’s money, into a powerful force for good. We have 20+ years experience from the banking and finance industry in leading strategic, operational and advisory roles with Nordic banks and financial institutions.

Working at Doconomy

We're in this to make a difference, to make sure we future proof our planet. We are brave, collaborative and transparent.

At Doconomy, you'll be among dedicated people who want to create fintech, making a difference. We are not afraid to fail. We love to explore. We roll with the punches. And we accept challenges. We know we can provide the best mobile banking service in the industry with one crucial difference: The positive impact it will have on people and the planet.

Doconomy's vision is to enable a sustainable lifestyle for all, that requires a proactive approach to diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about working at Doconomy, pop by our office for coffee or send us an email to

How we do it

We manage our business responsibly with people and planet in mind. We exist to create value for our customers/users, partners, employees, owners and the wider society. That's what our business model is all about. Our ambition is to be a role model.

Doconomy will be transparent on how we make money and we will always work to offer competitive fees. We work to increase inclusion, from both a climate and financial perspective.

Doconomy will measure, work to reduce and fully compensate our own carbon footprint. This will be aligned with the ambition towards 2030 and 2045. Our criteria for climate compensation projects and the funds we offer will be strict. All partners will be evaluated from a sustainability perspective, and we will work together with all stakeholders to drive change and create a positive impact that will be publicly disclosed.

We are a gender equal start-up promoting diversity. We have a female CEO and Chairwoman of the Board, 50/50 gender equality among our Board of Directors, and a large number of female private investors. Many brave men and women drive the climate agenda. We need all to be part of the journey.