A banking service for everyday climate action

Use a free revolutionary mobile banking service to reduce your carbon emissions day by day.

Positive returns for both you and the planet.

Nathalie Green

We have 12 years to reduce carbon emissions by 50%

We need to work together to combat climate change. By directing our capital towards the solutions, we can have an enormous impact together. If we also had a tool to turn our money into reduced emissions, the benefit would double. On top of this, banking shouldn’t cost a fortune.

This is why we developed DO. We want to enable and encourage behavioral change. It should be easy to manage consumption and savings, as well as choose a more sustainable lifestyle.

DO does all of this. It makes hard choices easy, giving you the opportunity to be a part of positive change.

Reducing emissions with 50% before 2030 is a huge undertaking. From now on, every action counts.

Now it’s easier to do your part in saving the planet

DO is a free, easy-to-use mobile banking service with one major difference. DO will track your CO₂ footprint and allow you to compensate for your impact.

With DO, you get access to a smart savings account which does good for both you as well as for the planet. The DO credit card helps you understand your CO₂ footprint, UN certified climate compensation projects, and investment funds that have a positive impact on people and planet.

Consumption will not end, but its devastating impact on the planet must.

Use the DO card for your daily purchases and track your carbon footprint

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The DO credit card turns everyday spending into a powerful tool for change. Use the card for daily purchases and track your CO2 footprint in the DO app. It uses the Åland Index to identify the CO2 of every transaction.

The DO credit card will have a low annual cost and interest rate. You apply for the card in the app.

The DO card is made of bio-sourced material and is printed with Air Ink, produced from recycled air pollution.

Get the DO savings account, it works for you and the climate

Saving your money should make sense. The DO savings account comes with a competitive interest rate and a climate bonus. You open the account when signing into the app.

DO automatically climate compensates your savings onthe account. It's a win-win, rewarding for you and the planet.

Compensate for your emissions through UN-certified projects…

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You can compensate your carbon footprint in UN-certified projects that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions. The projects are implemented in developing countries and are rewarded with Certified Emission Reductions as well as Gold Standard. DO will offer various themes to which you can direct your money and it can be handled automatically if you want.

The DO climate compensation will also contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

…or invest in sustainability funds with positive impact

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You can also invest in funds aiming for good returns for both you and the planet. Lifetime savings represent a great part of your carbon footprint, so directing your capital is an impactful choice that you can make.

DO collaborates with innovative asset managers. Transparency and reporting are of great importance. DO works hard to report where your money is working and to offer good returns for both you and the planet.

Collect DO credits from retailers that drive positive change

With DO, you get actual refunds from connected DO stores, based on the carbon impact of your purchase. We call it DO credits.

The refunds can be used to compensate for the carbon footprint of your purchase. You can direct it to UN-certified carbon offset projects, or invest in sustainable funds. If you choose to invest in a fund, you must add the same amount as the value of your DO credit.

You choose.

DO Partner brands

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Doconomy is proud to partner with brands committed to engaging customers in everyday climate action. We welcome all retailers, producers, sustainable businesses and change makers to join us on the journey! Please contact us, if you too want to engage your customers. It's great for both the planet, people and your business!


Track & measure CO2 emissions

The Åland Index calculates the carbon impact of every single transaction. It's powered by leading financial industry environmental, social and governance data. This data is then used to track your CO2 emissions.

Reduce your negative impact

DO is about helping you understand how the effect of our daily choices shape our world. Small changes can have great impact on reducing your carbon footprint and DO makes it easier than ever before to live more sustainable.

Compensate for what's left

The carbon emissions you couldn't reduce can easily be compensated by:

Help financing UN certified carbon offset projects or investing in fossil free and/or sustainable funds for positive impact

The DO app is easy-to-use:

  • Download the app
  • Open a DO savings account
  • Link it to your ordinary bank
  • Apply for the DO card
  • Consume and see transactions
  • Track your carbon footprint
  • Learn how to reduce your footprint
  • Offset in compensation projects or,
  • Invest in sustainable funds
  • Redeem DO-Credits

Be first in line, signup today!

DO will be live in early 2019.

The DO app will be free.

Registration with email only.

DO is as secure as your ordinary banking service

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Your money will be safe with DO. Our security systems are of the highest standards and your money will be kept safe, in an account covered by the insurance deposit scheme at our partner bank Ålandsbanken.

DO will not replace your ordinary bank relation, but will support you with daily spending, savings, compensation and investments. It’s your tool for everyday climate action.

Secure authentication with BankID

Two layers of encryption keeps your data safe

Close your account at any time

DO provide secure authentication with BankID and two layers of encryption to keep your data safe.

Without hassle you can also close your account at any time.