Climate action in your pocket.

The DO card tracks CO₂ emissions generated from our transactions and displays those numbers in a simple app. Equipped with this knowledge we can play our part in saving the planet. DO is now available to download in Sweden.

A very tangible tool for anyone who wants to understand how to make a difference.

Making banking more eco-friendly and consumers more aware.

Everything we put in our shopping basket comes at an environmental cost.

Empowering people to take action in their everyday lives.

DO. Everyday Climate Action

Our world-leading technology connects the purchase price of a product with the effect on the planet measured in Kg CO2, and then recommends the amount to offset – practically putting a price on carbon. It’s time to make a difference. With DO we can choose to directly compensate for the emissions arising from our transactions, or save and act for positive impact, balancing the score for the sake of the planet.

  • A transparent credit card enabling climate action
  • A climate-responsible savings account
  • UNFCCC certified projects for climate compensation
  • Nudging for further reduction of CO2 emissions
DO. Everyday Climate Action

The point is: we have the power. DO is us understanding the consequences of our actions. For the planet. For each other. And it’s this shared knowledge and then our collective action that’s going to make all the difference for the planet we call home.

DO comes with UNFCCC-certified initiatives that lower or eliminate carbon from the atmosphere, with the combined aim of slowing down the effects of climate change.

Each transaction enables us to offset the associated carbon emissions or spend for positive impact. The DO card closes the gap between perceived and real impact, empowering us to make a tangible difference for the planet we all call home.

An impact kit for the planet

With close, real measures, we can change our behaviours and positively impact.

Our non-plastic, biodegradable DO card tracks the CO2 emissions generated from our transactions and then displays that data through a simple app. Our world-leading technology connects the purchase price of a product with the effect on the planet measured in KgCO2 and then enables us to offset or invest for positive impact. DO gives us the means to balance what we want with what believe in.

An instrument of climate change

Many of us have all the will in the world to live a climate neutral life – but what we lack is the tools to act on that ambition. DO is our instrument of change.

For most of us, adjusting our lifestyles for the sake of the planet isn’t a case of rewriting our entire value system. We just need a clear course of action. The DO app helps us see the consequences of our consumption for the wider environment. Equipped with this knowledge, it’s so much easier to start living our lives in a climate smart way.

Offset through UNFCCC certified projects

Knowing there is a community of people out there motivated to act for the greater good makes the fight for our planet feel so much more doable. DO’s partnership with UNFCCC brings our collective cause that extra element of clarity and confidence.

Through our combined efforts, climate responsibility can be shared, and we can channel our energy towards initiatives with transparency, exchange and thoughtful reporting. With the UN, we are taking part in five active carbon dioxide reducing efforts, contributing to various projects across solar and wind power.

Save for the planet

Climate responsibility is about long term commitment. Staying true to our ambitions for the planet over time calls for a balancing act between tough decision-making and good solutions. Our climate smart savings account has a half per cent interest rate, where 0,4 goes to our economy and 0,1 goes to the planet. This means we’re always compensating a small part of our interest.

We thought: to create feasible longevity, we have to be able to save for ourselves as well as the planet. With the DO savings account we’re able to shift focus and look at what is really viable over time.

2030 today

Taking an active part in UNFCCC’s network means investing hundreds of hours in constructive discussions, to plan for an emission reduction of 7,6% every year for the next decade to meet the 1,5 C degree target set by the Paris agreement.

In parallel to changing our consumption behaviours and lifestyles, we all need to work towards systematic change. This is why we spend as much time as possible in conversation, meeting people, researching, and lobbying for solutions to fight for our planet. It’s the promise of systematic change that motivates us to keep up our everyday climate actions and push for the fundamental industrial and structural shifts needed to reach our 2030 goal.

United for the planet

DO links up science with finance so we can finally start to turn our money into a force for good.

Paula DiPerna
Strategic Advisor Environmental Finance Doconomy

DO Black

To effectively reduce the climate crisis, we have to make behavioural changes with high impact. DO Black is a, not yet launched, credit card that helps us calculate our climate spending, but it also comes with a monthly CO2e limit, ensuring that we stick to the UN-2030-recommended cuts in carbon.

Coming soon