Doconomy expands in the US

Doconomy opens new office in New York City to accelerate it’s global expansion and to serve the rapidly-growing demand from banks, brands. Doconomy’s innovative solution helps corporations and individuals to measure, understand and reduce their environmental impact, empowering millions of people to take action for a more resilient tomorrow.

Doconomy’s U.S. expansion is backed by Clearvision Ventures, the premier venture capital firm at the intersection of software and sustainability, joining existing US investors including Citi Ventures and Mastercard.

New partnership with Plaid

Doconomy has partnered with Plaid, a data network powering the digital financial ecosystem, enabling Plaid connected clients to provide carbon impact services to their customers. Doconomy’s solutions validate impact scoring per transaction in CO2e and H2O to Plaid’s network of banks and FinTechs – which connects to 12,000+ financial institutions and 6,000+ financial applications across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Doconomy at the largest FinTech event: Money20/20

During October 23-26 2022, the Doconomy leadership team was present in Las Vegas, for the annual Money 20/20 conference. Attended by over 8,000 participants across technology and financial companies, gathering from all over the world, Money20/20 is the largest fintech event, showcasing the latest major developments in the future of finance. Doconomy was part of discussions shaping how the financial sector can drive the green economy, and what benefits financial companies get by using Climate Action as a new client engagement vector. And, one of Doconomy’s very own Senior Executive spoke on stage about Doconomy’s entry in the US, as well as its ongoing partnerships. Catch us on stage!

Our team at Money20/20

Tee Pruitt
Head of Business – Financial Services
8.66 tonnes CO₂e

Tee leads Doconomy’s Financial Services business globally, helping clients to drive business value to their clients via sustainability-linked initiatives. As a former FinTech venture capital investor Tee’s significant experience comes in driving investments, strategic partnerships and launching new ventures within Financial Services. Additionally, he spent three years advising global financial firms on driving new innovations at intersection of sustainability and fintech.

Aaron McCreary
Director of Business Development – North America
10.43 tonnes CO₂e

Aaron leads North American growth for Doconomy, and is the author of the Climate Fintech report by New Energy Nexus. Aaron’s diverse background in fintech, asset management, and open innovation lends a unique view to how digital technologies play a key role in institutional and consumer decarbonization.

Johanna Mårtensson
Strategic Partnerships
9.82 tonnes CO₂e

Johanna focuses on establishing and strengthening strategic partnerships for Doconomy within the global financial ecosystem. She spearheads relevant partnership dialogues and brings a strong commitment to accelerating Doconomy’s mission through new global alliances and maintaining existing relationships to increase further collaboration.

Andrew Green
Strategic Advisor – North America
10.71 tonnes CO₂e

Andrew is a senior advisor supporting Doconomy’s Financial Services business. Prior to Doconomy, Andrew worked 17 years with Capital One where he spent seven years leading the Environmental Sustainability Office, holding roles in credit card marketing, bank acquisition integration, and corporate real estate. As a sustainability leader for a Fortune 100 company and one of the top 10 US Banks by assets, he has significant experience partnering across business units to drive enterprise alignment on climate and developing and implementing data-driven, human-centered sustainability strategies.

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