Doconomy at Climate Week NYC

Climate Week NYC kicked off September 19 in conjunction with the UN General Assembly. Doconomy joined the event and hosted Arrivals Day: NYC Edition – an afternoon with high-level actionable conversations and passionate panel discussions. Our commitment to keep climate change under 1.5°C degrees is at risk. The call to climate action is immediate.


Through transparency we can catalyze our community and share effective ways to tackle the vital challenges of our time. In affiliation with Climate Week NYC, Doconomy’s Arrivals Day aimed to spark inspiration, collaboration and, most of all, urgent action to future-proof our planet. We need to realign to secure our immediate future and let transparency propel tangible action.
Arrivals Day: NYC Edition

In partnership with SACCNY, Doconomy welcomed everyone to a hybrid event with high-level actionable conversations and passionate panel discussions. Arrivals Day: NYC Edition brought together industry leaders that represent the power of the giants, the expertise and credibility of the public sector, with the speed and vision of the next generation impact scale-ups.

Panelists Arrivals Day: NYC Edition

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Our team of 65+ includes former bankers, engineers, developers, designers, brand strategists, ESG experts, behavioral economists/nudgers, and thought leaders in innovative business and service design. We bring expertise and wisdom from some of the world’s largest digital and sustainable banks, corporations, and fintechs, and our dedicated Impact team keeps us best-in-class and at the forefront of our industry. Our innovation lab repeatedly runs sprints to dream up new projects and services that promote impact reduction. Our award-winning impact calculator is backed by leading investors, including Mastercard, Ingka Group, Citi Ventures and ABN Amro Ventures. Total funding to date exceeds USD 34M.

Our team at Climate Week NYC

Mathias Wikström
CEO & Founder
26.32 tonnes CO₂e ↑5%

Mathias Wikström founded Doconomy together with Johan Pihl and has spearheaded globally awarded forefront projects in Finance, Sustainability and Human Rights. He is a Sweden-based renowned sustainability business leader and creative strategist who aim to innovate as well as making the complex communicate.

Carl-Johan von Uexkull
24.21 tonnes CO₂e ↑0%

Carl-Johan leads Doconomy’s commercial team’s development of new markets and strong relationships to further amplify banks, brands and individuals ability to take climate action globally. Carl-Johan has vast international experience from the financial information industry, providing information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global markets. He has been leading teams across Europe for LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), Refinitiv and Thomson Reuters.

Tee Pruitt
Head of Business Financial Services
8.66 tonnes CO₂e ↑0%

Tee leads Doconomy’s Financial Services business globally, helping clients to drive business value to their clients via sustainability-linked initiatives. As a former FinTech venture capital investor Tee’s significant experience comes in driving investments, strategic partnerships and launching new ventures within Financial Services. Additionally, he spent three years advising global financial firms on driving new innovations at intersection of sustainability and fintech.

Andres Vergara
Head of Marketing
10.91 tonnes CO₂e ↑0%

Andres leads Doconomy’s global marketing offering through new campaigns and strategic initiatives to further amplify banks, business, brands, and individuals’ ability to take decisive climate action globally.


Aaron McCreary

Director of Business Development – North America
10.43 tonnes CO₂e →0%(2022)

Johanna Mårtensson

Strategic Partnerships
9.82 tonnes CO₂e →0%(2022)