A built-in carbon cap

A very tangible tool for anyone who wants to understand how to make a difference

Making banking more eco-friendly and consumers more aware.

The Do Black credit card is us knowing our limits.

To effectively reduce the climate crisis, we have to make behavioural changes with high impact. DO Black is a patented idea for a credit card that helps us calculate our climate spending, but it also comes with a monthly tCO2e limit, ensuring that we stick to the UN-2030-recommended cuts in carbon.

A forward-thinking new generation

In the spirit of empowering responsible consumers of tomorrow, we are come up with a solution.

The key to this card is a built-in monthly tCO2e limit, based on country per capita. In place of the magnetic strip or traditional signature panel, with the DO Black card we have a pledge signature. This means that the card can be recycled, but it also signals the holder’s commitment to tackle the climate crisis using real numbers and actual measures and puts a direct limit on our climate impact.


Prepared to make a real difference.

Thankfully, we are living in a conscious age, with a new generation of people fully aware of their role in society.

We have realised that to care for nature is to care for ourselves. Do Black gives us a carbon emissions limit, which freezes spending when a per capita cap on emissions is reached, much like how a standard credit limit works. By using systems that are already in place, that are basic to our everyday lives, we have a better chance of permanently rewiring the way we think of ourselves.

We can and must become part of a greater whole, acting for a greater good.

DO Black is a radical idea for a credit card with a CO2-emission limit stopping you from overspending, based on the impact of your consumption.

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The DO tracks CO2 emissions generated from our transactions and displays those numbers in a simple app. Equipped with this knowledge we can play our part in saving the planet.