DO DO ambassadors aiming to inspire change

DO Ambassadors Elwin, Meadows och Tornéus aiming to inspire change.

Stylist and creator Emma Elwin, Sweden’s only professional surfer Freddie Meadows and former long jump star Michel Tornéus are the latest Doconomy Ambassadors. They want to inspire their followers to a more sustainable lifestyle and broaden the understanding how consumption affects the climate and the importance of a reset of our way of living.

The climate crisis can be overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. If we start with something tiny I’m convinced it will spread to other parts of life, like ripples.

With her web site Make It Last stylist and creator Emma Elwin has gained great interest with her passion and wisdom regarding sustainable fashion. Over the years the commitment has grown and she is today considered to be one of the leading figures in topics regarding sustainable lifestyle.

As Sweden’s only full-time professional surfer Freddie Meadows has managed to create a great public interest in surfing and also showed that the Nordics offers great surf spots. He has a strong commitment in the struggle to stop the pollution of the oceans.

Our conscience is powerful tool. Most people don’t want to harm the environment, but it is easy to look the other way if we don’t exactly know how the environment is affected by our decisions.

Michel Tornéus is one of the most successful Swedish athletes of all times. He has won the European Championships and has won 22(!) Swedish championships. The former long jumper is a popular lecturer and wants to inspire people to step up the climate action.

I’m far from perfect and the first to admit that I have been rather lazy, but with time I’ve become more aware and want to contribute. A feeling that has been growing on me as parent.

Emma, Freddie and Michel are using their DO-cards on a daily basis and keep track of their carbon impact in the DO app. To them it’s important to have tools to help them take everyday climate action. DO give them insights how their consumption affects the climate. Insights enabling them to make conscious decisions.

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