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Credit Saison partners with Datafluct and Doconomy in Japan

Stockholm-Tokyo, January 14nd, 2022

Credit Saison, a leading Japanese credit card issuer, has concluded a basic business agreement with Doconomy through its partner in Japan, DATAFLUCT. As part of the agreement, Credit Saison will launch Doconomy’s carbon tracking offering powered by Åland Index, the world’s leading impact calculation based on financial data. Through this partnership, Credit Saison will be the first financial services provider in Japan to launch CO2 tracking services using the Åland Index. Together with DATAFLUCT and Doconomy, Saison plan to develop a set of products and services to help clients mitigate the climate crisis through carbon reduction in Japan

Doconomy is very pleased with the partnership between DATAFLUCT and Credit Saison. We recognize the importance of collaboration between companies in order to enable a change in consumer behavior towards the urgently needed carbon neutrality. I am confident that the collaboration between the data-driven business thought leaders at DATAFLUCT and the impressive reach of Credit Saison will have an unprecedented social impact in Japan and act as a textbook example for change makers in sustainability abroad.” Said Mathias Wikström, CEO of Doconomy.

It is a great honor for us to collaborate with Credit Saison, one of Japan’s leading credit card companies, and Doconomy, a pioneer in the field of impact tech, to develop Japan’s first climate tech business, a “carbon neutral credit card”. We will develop new fintech services that go beyond the localization of overseas examples, and contribute to climate change countermeasures that involve consumers.” Said Hayato Kumemura, CEO of DATAFLUCT.

“The impact of climate change on corporate management is becoming more and more apparent every year, and in order for companies to continue to grow permanently, they need to manage business risks related to climate change through backcasting and to deal with sustainability issues. In this context, we will start considering this initiative with DATAFLUCT as a way to contribute to the promotion of carbon neutrality in Japan by supporting the behavioral change of young people who are highly conscious about the environment.“ Said Katsumi Mizuno, Representative, Executive President and COO of Credit Saison.

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