Corporate Impact is a tool for corporations that helps assess overall impact based on transactional activities.

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Corporate Impact

Doconomy has innovation at its core and is determined to develop the necessary tools to help individuals and corporations support the effort to futureproof life on planet earth.

Currently under development is the Impact Dashboard, a management/reporting tool for the consumer credit portfolio that enables banks to aggregate the information provided to their consumers. By incorporating data from the Åland Index, the Impact Dashboard is a tool that allows banks and financial institutions to showcase meaningful environmental, social, and governance benefits.

The Impact Dashboard is currently under development – please contact us for early access.


Impact Dashboard

The Impact Dashboard by Doconomy will provide a service to banks and financial institutions that harnesses external and internal reporting on ESG impact, together with data and visualization for the total consumer credit portfolio including – but not exclusive to – CO₂e and H₂O data.


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