Climate Transactions

The world’s leading environmental impact index (Åland Index), measuring the footprint of financial transactions through the highest quality data available. Addressing two prominent global environmental issues — carbon emissions linked to consumption, measured in carbon dioxide equivalents, and water scarcity, stemming from freshwater usage. The index provides calculations grounded in the most recent company-reported data through S&P Trucost, and is validated by an independent auditor in EY.

Key features
  • Converts financial transactions into real-world environmental footprint by measuring their CO₂e (carbon dioxide equivalent) and H₂O (freshwater consumption) impact.
  • Leveraging company-reported data from S&P Trucost for greatest accuracy in calculations.
  • The highest number of unique intensity factors for comprehensive coverage.
  • World leading methodology trusted by over 90 banks globally.
  • Third party-audited methodology by EY.
Collecting and calculating environmental impact data related to financial transactions since 2016

Climate Transactions enables financial institutions to help consumers link their consumption to environmental impact, driving awareness and promoting more sustainable choices. 

Doconomy has unrivalled experience in collecting and calculating environmental impact data related to financial transactions. Through long-standing relationships with world-class institutions and research centres, we can ensure the highest quality impact data and methodology.

The calculations are based on the latest reported company data and data modelling techniques provided by S&P Global Trucost. The Index covers more than 50 unique intensity factors, which enables automated calculations that reflect personal choices.

We provide global coverage for digital banking experiences, leveraging a consistent methodology. Our index is the first ever Independently Assured CO₂e and H₂O Impact Index by EY.

Redefining the relationship between banks and consumers

​Leading financial institutions choose Doconomy because of superior data. Doconomy’s Climate Transactions is the world leading solution, currently utilised by over 90 banks and financial services. It’s a global standard of applied environmental impact calculations that incentivises conscious consumption. A way to redefine the relationship between banks and consumers based on greater transparency and accountability.

Pioneering impact calculations

Leveraging the established Åland Index methodology, which was developed in collaboration with Ålandsbanken in Sweden and initially launched in 2016, this platform embodies the culmination of years of research, innovation, and dedication to the cause of environmental sustainability.

Since its inception, Doconomy’s Climate Transactions has consistently delivered on its mission to empower individuals and businesses with actionable insights into their carbon footprint. Its longevity and success in the field underscore its unwavering dedication to providing a reliable and effective tool for addressing climate change through responsible financial choices.

Continuously innovating to encourage climate action

In 2020, water scarcity calculations was added to the index, a world-first in the realm of finance. By integrating water scarcity calculations, Doconomy not only broadened the scope of its platform but also deepened the understanding of the intricate interplay between climate change, resource utilization, and sustainable financial decisions.