Doconomy Arrivals Day: Transparency Talks by Doconomy

What is the next frontier of Climate Interconnectivity and Transparency?

Leading up to Stockholm+50, Doconomy is launching Arrivals Day

1st of June at 13:00-18:30 

With opening address by Ina Parvanova UN Climate Change. Our aim is to approach the interconnectivity of some of the most important questions related to the future of the planet that needs to realign to see more transparency to mitigate our current climate crisis.

The discussions will see a variety of industries, from investments to retailers, fintechs, public sector, media, and behavioral science. A future that needs to realign to seeing more transparency and interconnectivity at the core of all efforts to mitigate the climate crisis. Join us for an afternoon with high level actionable conversations and discussion in panels. Combining the power and experience of the giants, the expertise and credibility of the public sector with the speed and fearlessness of the next generation impact scale-ups.


Carola Ferstl, N-TV Germany

Samantha Coard, TV-Host & Producer

Welcome to Transparency Talks  

Opening speech by UNFCCC, Ina Parvanova,

Dir. of Communications & Engagement 

13.17 People
Perspective on user behavior — Global players with regional differences. What is important and why?

Nizam Uddin OBE, Algbra 

Stina Söderkvist, Dreams  

Samuel Salzer, Doconomy 

13.55 RETAIL
Communication vs Calculation. How to enable informed purchase decisions and educated demands. What is hard and what is not!

Salah Said, Klarna

Mats Landén, WWF

Pascal Brun, H&M

Julius Andersson, SITE  

Modeled for the decade of climate action — Planned to perfection? What’s on the horizon and what is difficult today?

Eduard Gerlof, Lichtblick

Tony Verutti, Parley for the Oceans

Amanda Thorén, Bencha

Making every transaction count. Providing a language for impact in transactions that enable accelerated climate action and transition?

Benjamin Stuart, Bank of the West

Stephanie Kao, CTBC Bank

Rene Saul, Kapital

Ina Parvanova, UNFCCC 

8 years to 2030 but only 4 to graduation? Reframing the knowledge and skills needed to keep below 1.5°

Jake Reynolds, University of Cambridge

Kaya Axelsson, University of Oxford

Jurgen R. Weiss, Harvard Business School 

16.20 MEDIA
Exploring media’s role in climate action, to bring hope and uncover the truth about climate claims and action. When is language a barrier for a topic and how can media contribute at best to not exclude through Sustainability language?

Ebba Grythberg, Spotify

Thomas Kolster, Mr Goodvertising

Meaghan Parker, Society of Environmental Journalists 

Internet use represents 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Global Data Waste Cleanup – what is it and how can we engage?

Participant: Gabrielle Persson, SeenThis

Sweden, N1 in Europe for climate tech investments and 4th globally. How can we leverage the climate tech wonder to speed up actual impact. What can we learn, and what is the future?

Participant: Einar Bodström, ClimateView  

Triggering transparency through trusted payment networks on a global scale — making use of efficiencies already in place to educate the many.

Panel: Eric Usher, UNEP FI

Erik Gutwasser, Mastercard

Stephen King, Visa   

Investing in climate action and decarbonization at speed and scale. Where carbon goes, money flows.

Panel: Paul Morgenthaler, CommerzVentures

Jelena Zec, Citi Bank

Hampus Jakobsson, Pale Blue Dot

Hugo Bongers, ABN AMRO Ventures 

Interview: The opportunity of advanced energy and environmental geo-analytics. Generating better decisions on energy and the environment with the deeper, measurable data insights at scale.

Participant: Alexandre d’Aspremont, Kayrros 

See you at Arrivals Day!

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