Our APIs allow for straightforward interaction with our impact solutions. Our RESTful APIs are cloud hosted, simple to implement and enjoy 24/7 support. Read more about each service below. For technical specifications, please visit our Developer Portal.

Åland Index API

At the core of Doconomy’s Transactional Impact solution is the Åland Index API. The API calculates impact based on the sector using merchant category codes (MCCs), invoice, or similar – enabling all customers to understand the environmental impact generated from any digital transaction.

Lifestyle Calculator API

Doconomy developed the Lifestyle Calculator to fill a gap. While there’s plenty of data to measure the impact of different activities, until now it’s been hard for consumers to access that data in one place.

The Lifestyle Calculator API allows for the easy incorporation of this lifestyle data into third party applications for greater customer value.

2030 Calculator API

Doconomy’s product impact solution, the 2030 Calculator, allows product brands and manufacturers to quickly calculate the cradle to gate carbon footprints of their products for internal use and to share with their customers.

Through the 2030 Calculator API they are able to seamlessly integrate their systems with the Doconomy’s impact solution.


Technical Specifications

All Doconomy’s APIs are provided as an AWS cloud-based service, accounting for scalability, resilience, redundancy and the security required by banks and financial market participants. Any access to Doconomy’s API services requires mutual TLS. The solution is based on OAuth2 protected resources published as HTTP Rest APIs through AWS API Gateway.


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