2030 Forecast aims to democratize national emissions data to fight climate illiteracy and build a foundation for better informed decision-making by both individuals and companies.

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2030 Forecast aims to enrich people’s lives with greenhouse gas emissions data, to achieve the change in behavior required to reach the Paris Agreement emissions reduction targets by 2030. Our aim is to make weekly updated national greenhouse gas emissions as relevant as a typical weather report.

While there are plenty of sources that share information about the consequences of climate change, 2030 Forecast wants to counter climate illiteracy by making environmental impact data readily available to the public, because every individual needs to make better informed decisions and understand how individual behavior and industrial level greenhouse gas emissions are connected.

We have to become more educated regarding our individual impact on the planet to enable collective action on a global scale. A good start is to assess your individual carbon footprint and use this as a starting point in your ability to find ways to take action. Individuals play an important part in ensuring better informed decisions regarding energy use, travel, and consumption. Calculate your individual carbon footprint below.

Great organisations offering even more advice on how to get involved, undestand impact, and reduce your footprint.

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