Companies need to rethink their relationship with society by increasing transparency and responsibility regarding their impact on the planet.

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We have to establish an era of shared responsibility between companies and individuals to ensure that we accelerate our collective ability to reach the 2030 Paris Agreement emissions targets, and start tracking industrial-level greenhouse gas emissions, in order to make better informed and more responsible decisions to mitigate climate change.
By sharing greenhouse gas emissions data from companies, we can increase public awareness of the importance of collectively measuring our ability to reach the required targets, using tangible environmental impact data to help everyone in society to make better informed decisions.

Therefore, companies need to increase their transparency and take greater responsibility, to ensure consumers can make better informed purchase decisions. When consumers understand a product’s specific carbon footprint it will help them understand how their consumption affects the planet and motivate brands to produce more sustainable products as a competitive edge. Driving the necessary change and redirecting investments into lower-impact alternatives. Companies can contribute significantly by tracking greenhouse gas emissions from operations and manufacturing. By calculating the impact of company and product carbon footprints, consumers can make better informed choices to promote sustainable manufacturing. As companies produce just about everything we buy, use, and discard, they have a significant role in mitigating climate change.

If you are a product manufacturing company, take the first step in understanding your product’s carbon footprint using the 2030 Calculator here

If you are an industrial company that wants to learn how to measure the emissions linked to your operations, please contact Kayrros here

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